Welcome to the KJS Blog!  This first entry marks a big milestone in my life, better known as My First Blog Post Ever.  The pressure is on, and my challenge lies in the content- relevant to my services, nothing too personal or tangential.  This estate planning blog is going to cover far more interesting topics than just death and taxes.

My objective as both an attorney and small business owner is to appeal to a less conventional audience.  Older and wealthier generations have long been the target market for estate planners.  However, today’s estate planning clients no longer fit the mold.  They are young families who want the security of knowing that if something happens to them, their spouse and children will be protected.  They are a newly married, same-sex couple who, courtesy of the recent US Supreme Court Ruling, may now reap all of the tax and estate planning benefits that have long been afforded to only heterosexual couples.  They are single parents seeking to insure that appropriate nominations are made for the guardians of their young children.  The bottom line- everyone has a need for estate planning, they just may not know it yet.

Each post will walk through a component of estate planning so that you, too, can realize where the benefits lie.  Discussing your future, finances, and family will be interesting, relevant, engaging.  Be prepared for a broad range of messaging- videos, commentary on current issues that directly or indirectly play into my practice (and your future).   You might laugh, you might cry, but most importantly, you will gain insights into how estate planning can work for you.  

Now, it just wouldn’t be a legal blog without some ground rules. First, none of the information conveyed in my blog posts are intended as legal advice, nor does it signify the commencement of an attorney-client relationship.  This content is for informational purposes only.  There are no duties of confidentiality owed because in case you have forgotten, this is the internet and a public site.  Nothing is anonymous.  If you read a post and have questions that are specific to your situation, I encourage you to email me directly rather than post the question in a comment to the post. 

Secondly, I am licensed to practice law in the great states of California and Washington (with Nevada hopefully joining in on the fun in 2014).  There will be posts that cite to CA or WA estate planning issues specifically and some information that is incorporated in general practice regardless of the state.  I will be sure to clarify this in my posts.  If you have a question that is state specific, please contact me and I can do my best to refer you to an attorney in your home state who may be able to better help you.  

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.  Stay tuned for the next installment.